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Marvelous Manicure

You will need: Nail polish remover, nail file, & your favorite nail polish

Remove all old nail polish Use polish remover and cotton ball.

File Nails Use nail file and smooth out edges of nails. Decide whether, you want oval, boxy or pointed nails

Add some polish Using your favorite polish, add a few drops at the base and swipe upward and to the sides.


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Your goal is between 30-60 minute increments of physical activity.


Turn Up The Tunes


Crank up the tunes when you're doing something active. It helps you to focus.


Split Up


Exercising for 10 minutes several times a day is much easier and increases heart health as well.


Don't Think Of It As


Exercise Always make exercising fun. Otherwise you will think of it as a chore and dread it.



Go skating this weekend. Roller skating works all of your major muscles. It also enhances coordination.



Addicted to your phone? Use it to get moving! Many physical apps are available to help you do just that and why not challenge your friends while your at it.

Shape- Up

Working out is great for you mentally and physically, but many teens and young adults aren't exercising enough to reap the benefits. The gym is great but when you don't have time.....make exercising fun!

Whatever you do, get moving and have fun while doing it. When you are active your body releases endorphins which is a natural mood booster.

Is That Rush True Love Or Just A Crush?


Written by: Jeni Beth Fred

Your stomach flops when he walks into the room followed by a catch in your chest. It’s hard to breathe. Your hormones have gone haywire and your nerves are overactive. But is that rush you get when he’s around true love or just a crush?

            Does he make you want to be a better person? There is something to be said for a kind heart that inspires you to rise to the same level but tread this line carefully. You were created the way you are for a reason. Your views and even flaws are the outcome of your life’s experiences. They’re uniquely you. We’re all learning every day. It’s awesomesauce to improve, but a true love loves you the way you are.

            Are you friends? Does she talk to your parents? Do you have friends in common? Can you talk about things that don’t matter? More importantly can you talk about things that really matter? If you’re not friends—if you can’t hang out on a Friday night watching The Elite—it’s just lust! Sure, he’s H-O-T, but after high school muscle tends to turn to fat. Love—and your relationship—has to be more than that to last.

            Is he a jerkface? Some amount of teasing might be cute, but no one should ever have to put up with a partner who constantly teases or ridicules. Some guys think teasing, harassing, and irritating gets your attention, and it might. But he needs to figure out it’s not the kind of attention he’s going for. But a related question is how do you react when he’s a total numbskull? Because just like we all grow every day, we all make mistakes along the way. If his mistakes cross some kind of line that you just can’t deal with, he’s not the one.  And that’s

okay. Someone else will be, and there’s likely someone out there willing to deal with your pet peeve as well. If his flaws are annoying, but something you can work through that might be love. Working through problems requires empathy and communication. That’s not just a crush.


Does it disappear when you’re apart? There is an old saying, “Absence makes the heart fonder,” and there is a kernel of truth to it. There is a reason goodbyes before long trips are emotional. The absence of a good thing in our life makes us aware of what we had. (Kind of like anyone who has ever gone on a diet knows the first thing you want is chocolate cake.) If he never crosses your mind over an entire summer vacation, or even only vaguely and at a distance, that’s a crush. But you shouldn’t be an emotional basketcase the entire time you’re separated either. Real love understands you’re both individuals with interests that need to be developed and trusts your relationship is strong enough to handle time and space.

            If you can love each other the way you are but still grow together—both as individuals and as a couple—it’s more than just physical, and still blossoms when there is space between you, it might just be real love. Otherwise, that rush is a crush.

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