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Beyond the Moon Magazine is an informative, engaging magazine that targets the needs and interests of our main audience, the parent. Each magazine is designed to stand out and meet the needs of our audience. Monthly features include personal spotlights, fashion, trends, advice column/tips and a variety of articles.


The staff at BTM takes great pride in featuring articles that help individuals with everyday problems they may deal with in life. We also celebrate uniqueness, creativety, independence and confidence of the parent/grandparent that read our magazine.

Beyond the Moon Magazine- Most Beautiful/Handsome and Cutest Kids 2023

  • Front Cover

    Brooklyn Sky Potts

    11 years old Photo Credit: Sonja Wiseman

    HAMU: Scarlett

    Back Cover

    Madison Palmer

    Photographer: Laura Marino

    Makeup Artist: Alexandra Axenfeld

    Inside Front Cover

    Brooklyn Ford

    21 years old

    Photo Credit: Dana Brindley Bean

    Hair: Dana Brindley Bean

    Makeup by Brooklyn Ford

    Inside Back Cover

    Jade D’Angelo

    Photographer: Danielle McGraw


    Kelsee Nicole Bishop

    Photographer: Casey Alday Photography

    HAMU: Teresa Glasure Anderson

    Wyatt Owens

    Photographer: Lindsey Smith

    H&M: Kelly Lyerly

    Rachel Galecke

    Photo Credit: Fadil Berisha

    Reagan Peppers

    14 years old

    Photographer: Digital Binge

    Jailey Gartman

    Age 13

    Photographer: Danielle Turan

    HAMU: Danielle Turan

    Typhani Russo

    Photo Credit: Austin Ryde

    Mia Fuggiti

    14 years old

    Photo Credit: Lily K Photography

    Rylee Johnson

    Photographer: Sullivan Blue

    HAMU: Kelly Lyerly

    Emiley Hadley

    Photo Credit: Believe Photography

    H&M: Natalie Tonneson

    Olivia Faith Penrod

    14 years old

    Photo Credit: MOEments Photography

    Maxwell Peter Halliday

    Photo Credit: Ant Bradshaw

    Miriam Martinez

    Photo Credit: Holte Avery

    HAMU: Holte Avery

    Addie Leonard

    Photo Credit: Laura Marino Photography

    Alexis Grace

    17 years old

    Photographer: Frame of Mind Studios

    HAMU: Alexis Vaughan

    Stylist: Diana J's Boutique

    Kathleen Gerlach

    Photographer: Syracuse Image Photography

    HMU: Tracy De Paola

    Photographer: Laura Marino

    Makeup Artist: Alexandra Axenfeld

    Riley Pugliese

    Age 17

    Photographer: Bryce Stilwill Photography

    HAMU: Riley Pugliese

    Miriam Martinez

    Photo Credit: Holte Avery

    HAMU: Holte Avery

    Cutest Kids 2023

    Alexys Willis

    Photo Credit: Creative Visual Images

    Silas Robnett

    4 years old

    Brand Ambassador for Blaque Barbie Boutique

    Photographer Everafter Photography

    Axel 7 years old & Quentin 5 years old

    Photographer: Dixie Pix Photography

    Cooper Thomas

    Photographer Nicole Merfeld


    Age 12

    Photographer Nicole Merfeld

    Top: Berry Bean Sprout

    Abigail Berard

    Photo Credit: Karen Slack Photography

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