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Vanished without a trace!

Rebecca is a 12-year-old girl who believes her life would be perfect if her mother would return home.

Following a long night of serious discussion about the mother's pending divorce from her step-father, Rebecca was dropped off at home. While her mother ran to the store, a few blocks away to pick up a pack of cigarettes.

Exhausted, Rebecca went to bed. As soon as she awoke the next morning, she knew something was wrong. She ran to her mother's room and found that she had not returned. Suddenly, her heart raced and her head whirled.

Days passed and still no sign of Janie. Something was wrong. Her mother had never left her alone.

What happened to Janie Lamb? It was obvious that someone had information, but wouldn't disclose it, or perhaps they did ..... 32 years later.

Every case has an ending!

Buried Secrets Novel-Author: Sheila Walker Carroll

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